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LI Blue Star Moms

During World War II, mothers hung a simple service banner in the window of their homes to show that their son or daughter was serving their country. The banner featured one blue star for each child on active duty, regardless of branch or rank. The blue star was replaced by a gold star if the beloved child perished in service.
The simple banner showed that this home, this mother, this family, was proud of their child. It hung in hopes that the son or daughter would come home, a job well done. From this simple act of pride, the BLUE STAR MOTHERS of AMERICA INC was formed.
Mothers came together to create a volunteer organization that provides support to military service members and their families. With NO political affiliations or funding, the group’s purpose is to sustain those who are in service to the United States of America.

The Long Island Blue Star Moms is a non-profit organization of Long Island Moms who have or have had children serving in our military.

Vitagliano Orthodontics is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Long Island Blue Star Moms. Patients are welcome to bring in items to send overseas to our service members. Bring in items to donate and we will give you extra points on your Patient Rewards Hub. We will send everything to the Blue Star Moms and they will send the items overseas. Currently, the Long Island Blue Star Moms have 15 deployed children.

Check out the Long Island Blue Star Moms website:


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